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Chye Joo Hiang (CJH) was founded in 1963 by Chee Pak Cheang, originated from Telok Intan, Perak which is one of the states in Malaysia that are famous for traditional fresh bake biscuits. It all begins with a sense of responsibility of a men towards his family that fuelled his passion. And carry on with the hope to share his passion and values with the community. Over the course of years, our company was growing steadily and has successfully built our reputation within the community known for producing quality and delicious biscuits. The founder always said the secrets to success is persistence and genuine. Eventually, his perseverance outlasts all the competitor in the market and his genuine win the customers. 

In 1964, Mr. Chee decided to relocate to Kota Bharu, Kelantan. The business started out with a kitchen and a bicycle. Every day, he will go from houses to houses to sell and distribute the biscuits such as our famous signature products includes mung bean biscuit, peanut sesame snap, and peanut candy. In 1978, an unfortunate event happens which negatively affect our company. He was diagnosed with brain tumour and was forced to go through a brain surgery which result in leaving the business to his teenage children to manage. Since then, the generation that followed work tirelessly to maintain the business in order to pay all the medical and business debts. In 2008, our company becomes the largest biscuit manufacturing company in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Within 10 years, our company has developed more than 20 varieties of cookies, such as our famous peanut biscuits, egg biscuits and rempeyek. We have expanded our market throughout Malaysia, since most Malaysian love our biscuits.